Will Gorman is commited to building partnerships that keep Houston safe.


Will Gorman is a native Houstonian born and raised in southwest Houston. He graduated from Westbury High School and later attended the University of Houston’s Downtown Criminal Justice Center Police academy, where he received his Peace Officer Certificate in 2013. Will began his law enforcement career as a Patrol Deputy with the Harris County Constable’s Precinct 4 Office. As a deputy he had serval job functions, including criminal investigations, accident investigations, Field training officer, and Traffic/D.W.I. Enforcement. Will is a certified Field Training Officer and Intoxilyzer Operator.


In 2017 Will was promoted to Corporal where his primary responsibilities were training new deputies. As Corporal Will maintained a strong passion for training to ensure all under his command surpassed the department standard. In 2019 Will was promoted to Sergeant and began serving as a patrol supervisor. Will currently serves as Segreant in Harris County Toll Road Authority Incident Management and Public Safety division which is a Multi-Agency division that works to maintain safe roadways, respond to and monitor major incidents, Hazmat Spills, Fatal Crashes,  natural disasters and criminal investigations.


Will upholds a clear record void of formal complaints, misconduct, and/or mistreatment. His experience interacting with the community has been filled with gratitude for his professionalism, respect, andfirm but fair treatment. These positive interchanges, the oath he took ten years ago, and his core values of keeping an impartial attitude, compassion, and accountability, remind him that reviving confidence in our ability to work together to create a safe community is achievable.



Building a Brighter Future, Today

Unity for all of Harris County

Safer Communities, More Accountability

Expansion of the Contract Deputy Program will allow us to provide law enforcement services to more citizens in our Precinct 5 communities. Expanding this program will significantly ensure faster response times to all incidents and increase the level of service we can provide to the residents we serve.

I will also work with surrounding law enforcement agencies to provide a more efficient and effective way of responding to and reporting incidents to ensure that the public is not waiting for service for over 30 minutes. I will work to create a DWI task force and a Crime Reduction Unit to combat safer roadways and improve visibility in high crime areas.

Investing and increasing training requirements is imperative to better develop our deputies in responding to potentially hostile incidents. Expanding on active shooter training and de-escalation techniques is often the key to resolving issues quickly. Teaching our deputies how to respond to challenging behavior in the safest, most efficient way possible for the good of the deputies and the citizens we serve.

Designing a mentorship program that would better train deputies and supervisors in the different departments within the agency. Personnel would receive proper resources and education to help accurately speed up ongoing cases for better solvability.


The agency will be as diverse as the community, and this diversity will extend not just to our deputies but also to our supervisor and command staff. I will expand on the Coffee with a Cop program by meeting monthly with community members to strengthen law enforcement and citizen relations.

 Citizen Police Academy and Police Explorers to develop to engage students in various topics designed to foster relationships, trust, and understanding between officers and teens. Participants will have an opportunity to gain an understanding of police operations through specialized presentations and hands-on activities.